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For a child suffering from epilepsy, every passing moment is another opportunity a seizure may rob them of who they are.

Two families in Mexico fight to gain access to medical cannabis for their children suffering from chronic seizures. There is a good chance a treatment option using Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), a product containing high concentration of hemp oil, can reduce the frequency and severity of their seizures. However, the laws in Mexico prohibit the use and possession of anything containing THC - the psychotropic component of cannabis.

“Crisis” follows these families through their tumultuous journey as they challenged the government’s ban on cannabis based medications. As well as the movement that was ignited by their story, inspiring hundreds of other desperate parents to fight for their children’s rights to a life free of suffering.

As the government of Mexico argues over whether or not medications like RSHO should be legal, thousands of people affected by epilepsy anxiously await relief.WATCH TRAILER

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Documentary crew


Christian Rodas – Director

Even as a kid, Christian would play with his mother’s old 35mm camera, often snapping out of focus photos of his brothers or the family dog. However, Christian had few aspirations of ever being a professional photographer. It wasn’t until he discovered a passion for storytelling did he finally find his calling in life.


Jordan Guzzardo – Producer

With more than a decade of experience in the television & film industry, Jordan Guzzardo provides a wealth of production knowledge.  As an accomplished video producer, director & cinematographer, his Emmy Award winning work has been featured in theaters, on television, in prominent film festivals and across the web.  This international experience and exposure has proven beneficial for CMW’s clients.


Czarina Galac – Graphic Designer

A puzzle enthusiast at heart, this San Diego native revels in finding creative solutions for challenging requests. As CMW’s multimedia designer, Czarina specializes in brand identity and advertising, working directly with clients to express their message and vision as effectively as possible. She has also lent her skills as a motion graphics artist to several projects, including documentaries and national viral campaigns.


Hunter Snow – Production Assistant

Hunter Snow was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  His endeavours have led him to gain valuable experience working live events, instructional & fitness videos, real-estate photography, short films and various commercials.


Denise Mahaffey – Associate Producer

With more than fifteen years of experience in marketing and business development, Denise Mahaffey now uses that experience to assist in documentary work. Mrs. Mahaffey is instrumental in creating awareness for the projects she takes part in and has been critical in gaining attention at the national level.


Andrew Hard – Executive Producer

With more than a dozen years as an investigative journalist, Andrew Hard has a passion for strategic communications and helping clients achieve national and international exposure for their products, brands, and messages. Having spent nearly a decade at FOX and, Hard now uses that expertise in documentary work.


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